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All kids entering into PreK-5th grade this school year are invited for one FREE week of fun July 8th-12th as we learn what it means to be transformed in our faith. This week will be filled with engaging activities, yummy snacks, creative crafts and hands-on Bible lessons. Come join us as we dig into transforming our heart, mind, body, passion and life for God. Registration is now open!

Theme: Transforming our Heart
Lesson: Zacchaeus
Activity: The Cube
Craft: Sun Catcher

Theme: Transforming our Mind
Lesson: Peter walks on Water
Activity: Water Day (Please bring a towel-kids won’t get drenched but will get wet some!)
Craft: Transformer Car

Theme: Transforming our Body
Lesson: Cripple man healed
Activity: Search for Bibletron
Craft: Tie Dye Backpack

Theme: Transforming our Passion
Lesson: Saul to Paul
Activity: Capture the Transformer
Craft: Magnet

Parents are invited to join us at 7:45pm as we close out the week and end the evening with free Kona Ice!
Theme: Transforming our Life
Lesson: Jesus Dying on the Cross for Us
Activity: All-Spark Toss
Craft: All Spark Cube

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