I’m not a huge Max Lucado fan, but he wrote a book recently where he described living life for the reason you were created as, “your sweet spot.” Well, I am so elated to say that I really think that I am in my sweet spot. I love my job. I love journeying with college students, encouraging them, teaching them, and walking through the questions and disappointments with them. Here are just a few things that I love about my job.

  • The people. I get to work with great people and we fun together. What a huge blessing.
  • I love the mission that we have – to help college students find and follow Jesus Christ. Our desire is to introduce people to the beauty, truth, meaning, and community found in Jesus. The more I have though about, the more I am convinced that there is nothing else that I would want to dedicate my life to.
  • God is working in my heart through the calling that he has given me. I am growing as a person, as a pastor, as a husband, etc. God is growing me right now at a rate that has been unprecedented for me for a long time.

God takes us through seasons in life. Sometimes it feels like we are walking in the darkness, and sometimes it feels like your standing on the top of a mountain surveying all God’s beauty. Lord, thank you for a time of refreshing. Thanks for the perspective from the mountaintop… may I not forget it when I am in the valley.