So, after years (really my whole ministry life) of teaching out of the NIV and studying out of the NASB, I am going to switch to the ESV (at least for my current series on Ephesians). There were a few things just in the first chapter that the NIV left out – and I liked the way that the ESV handled those discrepancies. The initial movement a few years of many pastors switching to the ESV initially made me resistant to it. In addition, the outspoken nature of those who support it made me even more hesitant about switching, but here I am! I think it does a good job of preserving the value of a word-for-word translation, while being fairly readable – unlike the NASB. It also has (in my opinion) the best Study Bible available. It’s great!

Anyway, let me know what you think. What translation do you teach out of? What translation do you study?