Blaise_Pascal__Lithograph_after_G__Edelinck_after_F__Quesnel_Wellcome_V0004512I came across this quote as I was preparing for the message I’ll give on Sunday. It reminded me of the beauty and power of the gospel! I hope it does the same for you.

The gospel alone is able to cure the twin human vices of pride and despair. For the gospel teaches the righteous that they still bear the source of all corruption which exposes them throughout their lives to error, misery, death, and sin; and [yet] it also cries out to the most ungodly that they are desperate for the grace of the Redeemer. The gospel makes those whom it justifies to tremble, yet consoles those whom it condemns. It causes dejection without despair, and exaltation without pride. – Blaise Pascal (Pensées, pg. 208)