For college ministries, the most important week of the year is rapidly approaching. It’s the first week of school! It’s the time when the largest number of students are open to and looking for new things to be involved in. It’s the time of year when we will have the largest number of new students who attend our ministry. Even though we are in a largely commuter students population, I have still found this to be true.

So, before I head out on our mission trip, I am trying to get everything in order to have effective kick-offs at both CSUSM and Palomar. I really count this part of my job an honor. I love being involved on campuses and in the lives of college students.

This year we will have booths set up at both Cal State SM and Palomar. We will have welcome boxes from our church in every dorm room at Cal State, we will be helping people move into the dorms, etc. I’m really excited to hold out the open and abundant life of the gospel to the local campuses.

Let’s get this party started!