The other night we took the college group down to downtown San Diego to go ice-skating and have dinner together. Have you ever just had one of those nights where nothing goes right? This was one of those nights for me. Here’s how it went:

  • We go to the restaurant (Hard Rock) and it was really expensive – and of course nobody factors in tip or tax.
  • Then we went to go ice skating and the line was so stinkin long that we decided not to wait (I mean it would have taken at least 2 hours to get on the crappy ice!)… and we’d even called to reserve skates, but they didn’t hold them for us.
  • Luckily Steve and I had a back up plan… superman to the rescue. We had mapped  out routes to neighborhoods that have the best Christmas lights in San Diego. So we decided to do that instead of ice skating. But, as we were walking around the neighborhood it started to down pour. What the heck?
The funny part of the night was that although it sounds like it was a disaster, it was actually a really fun night. All the people who went on it had a great time being together. I think that sometimes in ministry we get so caught up in planning the perfect program that we forget that the real fun is in being together and connecting with each other.