silence of saturday

Sandwiched between Good Friday and Easter we have Saturday. Jesus is crucified on Friday and he raises from the dead on Sunday. both of those days we talk about often, but you don’t hear much about Saturday. We are left to wonder what His followers might have thought. We know that the disciples went back to fishing pretty quickly. There were women who were getting set to go and take care of Jesus’ body (a common custom in those days). And, my guess is, you have a lot of people wondering what the heck they just experienced. All in all, Saturday was a day of silence; wondering, thinking, evaluating, and hoping…maybe (actually, the Biblical accounts don’t show a lot of hope in Jesus’ followers!).

Seeing as how today is that Saturday, I have spent some time thinking about the silence of Saturday. I think the silence of Saturday is where we live much of our life here on Earth. We live in-between the promise and the fulfillment. We live in the place where we are hoping that he raises from the dead, where he comes through and really changes things, here he answers prayer, where the sting and pain of life are softened. I think we live in Saturday.

The great part of the Easter story is that we know the end of the story. We know that the silence of Saturday ended with the shock of the empty tomb. With the joy of the risen savior, with the knowledge that death has been defeated and no longer has sting. My hope is that we might remember that while we may live in the Saturday, we have the assurance of Sunday.

Sure, Saturday is quiet… But Sunday holds a party like the world has never seen!