This past weekend I gave a message on what it means to have freedom in Christ – and freedom in our lives. I am just blown away that the God of the Bible in no ways wants to burden people with more commands to keep, but He wants to free us. One of the amazing truths that stood out to me is that I am most free when I am concentrated on people other than myself. 

As I thought about freedom I had an image that came to my mind. Two summers ago I had the chance to go to Germany. We flew in Berlin and go to spend a few days there. As you probably know Berlin used to be divided by a wall. The West side was free and the East side communist. There is no wall today, but you don’t need one to see where the division was… here’s why. On one side of the city you see amazing Cathedrals, artwork, buildings that take your breath away. However, on the other side of the city you see square buildings – built mere for pragmatic purposes… boring.
One of the things I am convinced of is that God wants us to live free – free to make art, free to express creativity, free to have enough confidence to take chances and possibly fail, free to know that we are children of the king no matter what happens. I want to live free and inspire other people to do the same.