It’s all about timing. I have realized over the past few months that a lot of my frustration with God is due to His timing (or what I perceived to be the lack there of). I mean, don’t you just wish He would hurry up sometimes? I moved out to CA a few months ago and wanted so badly to sell our house back in Colorado so that we could get into something out here. If that would have happened, here’s what we would have bought: crap. Seriously! In the time that we have been forced to wait (because our home didn’t sell) the prices have come down incredibly. We decided to rent out our house and we are able to buy something out here as well. We put an offer (low ball) on a place that we couldn’t have touched a few months ago and the offer was accepted. In addition, the stock market took a huge hit and the fed dropped the interest rates big time.

Over the past few months I have learned a lot of things – most notably, I want His timing and His plans. They are so much better than mine. Remind of that next time I start complaining… I have a short memory.