Over the next 21 days we want to go on a journey as a church community. Our hope is that this journey will lead us all into a deeper relationship with Jesus. As Ryan discussed in his sermon about God’s word, God gave us His word in the pages of scripture to help us know Jesus. With that in mind, we will be reading the book of John together.

If you want to join this journey all you need to do is read a chapter of John each day starting today January 13th 2014. Remember the aim of this reading is not to acquire more information about God; it is meant to deepen your personal relationship with Him.

In addition to reading John we would love to join together as a church community in the enjoyment of God’s word. Interacting with each passage helps our hearts reflect more deeply on the text. Interacting with the text as a community helps us grow closer to God and each other. In an effort to gather up all our reflections on this wonderful book we are also asking you to consider sharing any quotes, reflections, verses, blog posts, songs, poems, paintings, etc. with us all. To contribute your reflections you have several options.

  • You can post links and comments to twitter and use the hashtag #tuneMyHeart to help us find it.
  • You may also post comments or links on Facebook using the hashtag #tuneMyHeart.
  • You may also use Instagram with the hashtag #tuneMyHeart.
  • You may also post comments right on this page bellow.

We as a staff will also be contributing to the Journey. You can find our thoughts by clicking the button bellow. Finally notice the twitter feed to the right. All these tweets have the hash tag #tuneMyHeart.

Staff Posts and Resources

The reading plan:


  • January 13 – Read John 1
  • January 14 – Read John 2
  • January 15 – Read John 3
  • January 16 – Read John 4
  • January 17 – Read John 5
  • January 18 – Read John 6
  • January 19 – Read John 7
  • January 20 – Read John 8
  • January 21 – Read John 9
  • January 22 – Read John 10
  • January 23 – Read John 11



  • January 24 – Read John 12
  • January 25 – Read John 13
  • January 26 – Read John 14
  • January 27 – Read John 15
  • January 28 – Read John 16
  • January 29 – Read John 17
  • January 30 – Read John 18
  • January 31 – Read John 19
  • February 1 – Read John 20
  • February 2 – Read John 21