This weekend I have the chance to head up to Mammoth with 25 of our student leaders and staff. I’M really excited for this time together. As I think about retreats, there are a few reasons that I get excited for them

1. They build community! There are a few reasons for this. First, we have an extended amount of time together. I usually get a few hours with our students each week (if I’m lucky), but this weekend I will get a few days with some key people – and community will be formed. We will get the chance to play together and enjoy beautiful Mammoth. Second, people are away from their normal surrounds and are open to new things.

2. We get to do some leader specific training and encouraging. Our student leaders give so much to this ministry and I’m always grateful for the chance to pour back into them.

3. We will have the chance to cast vision for the coming year. I’m excited to hear from students about how they think the ministry is going and the things that God has laid on their hearts. I think too often as staff we operate as a silo. I’m excited for for students to give input and take ownership.

4. People will walk away with more of an investment in the ministry. As we spend time thinking about, strategizing for, and praying for TheWell, we will all walk away with a greater excitement about what God is going to do in and through this ministry.

5. A few games of Settlers will be played!

I’m excited for this weekend. Mammoth, here we come!