This quarter I get to take a class on worship. After having the first session last night, I am really excited about the class – what we are going to read and the discussions that we are going to have during class. Last night the prof handed out a quote by Erwin McManus. Erwing wrote:

“A church near the beaches of Santa Monica gathers each week with the ten remaining members whose average age is at best in its seventies. They cannot decide what to do. They are paralyzed by fear of death and the lack of life. Around the country, churches that were once over a thousand in attendance have literally ceased to exist… The only way church buildings stay filled through generations is if the church lives and dies and is born again over and over.”

I love this quote by Erwin McManus, but to be honest I am a little bit scared of what it means for my future as a leader. I am sure that it means that at some point in my life as a pastor it will mean that I will have to kill soemthing that I really like, that I may even conect with, for the sake of reaching more people for the gospel. My hope is that I am mature enough to make that move and that I have led well enough, that when it is time, people will follow.

Great start to the class,