Continuing in the Genesis narrative, we uncover the powerful emotion of shame. An emotion that brings about death in ourselves and in our relationships. In Genesis 2:25, we find a young couple standing in the presence of God vulnerable and completely secure – surrounded by love. Only one chapter later, we find this same couple overwhelmed by their vulnerability – terrified and covered up.

According to Dr. Brené Brown, “shame is the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing that we are flawed and therefore unworthy of love and belonging.”

The result of the Fall brings about the voice of shame whispering inside of all of us, “I’m bad and cannot stand to be in the presence of a holy God.”

But God goes out of his way to remind us, “My name is Love.” He shows up on the scene extending safety in his presence even with his parental consequences for sin.

Only in the presence of a loving God, can shame be healed. Even scientists today prove love mends shame. With Christ, we learn the voice of true love and belonging. We can bask in his love. Tuning in to hear his voice will be key to changing our inner emotional narratives and healing deeply rooted shame.

  1. Get Honest … When in your life have you felt vulnerable and ashamed? What messages did you hear? How did you return to the voice of love?
  2. Change Mind … Listen for what Jesus wants to say about your experience of shame.
  3. Walk Anew … What invitation does Jesus have for you when it comes to shame?

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