After the Fall, we meet second-generation humans and watch as they, too, wrestle with the weight of their shame (Genesis 4). Cain’s perception of his unworthiness before God, in comparison with his brother, proves only to nurture intense anger within him.

Cain and Abel find out quickly how explosive anger damages not only their brotherhood but has the potential to remove the very breath of life within them.

Anger is perhaps the most accessible emotion because it affects us physiologically. Our body temperature rises. We fill with energetic drive. Whether we tend to suppress or explode, we’re forced to do something with it.

However, anger is a surface emotion. Gifted counselors can usually trace anger down to places where we feel hurt or afraid. Then, they can trace our hurts and fears down to unmet needs or expectations – oftentimes rooted in shame.

This week, take some time to trace your anger down to its root and see what God wants to reveal to you about your unmet needs.

  1. Get Honest … What are you mad about? If your anger stems from a hurt, what has hurt you? If your anger stems from a fear, what are you afraid of? What need was unmet creating this hurt or fear? Share with Jesus your thoughts and feelings about this unmet need.
  2. Change Mind … Listen for what Jesus has to say about your unmet need.
  3. Walk Anew … What invitation does Jesus have for you in this instance?