We are going to do our Daily devotional differently this time. First, pray and ask God to show you what He wants you to see and understand today. Next read Luke 24:13-35 here in the NIV. It might be helpful to read it in a few other versions as well. Here are NASB, ESV, AMP and the NKJV. If you would like to read it in another version, please do.

What do you notice? Are there words that are the same in all the different versions? One that is the same in all of these versions is the word Christ. It is the Greek word for anointed. In Hebrew the word is Messiah. Notice Jesus’ teaching style, how is it similar to the way he taught before his crucifixion? In what way? As you read this passage in different translations, what do you notice that perhaps you have not noticed before? What surprises you? There are several miraculous occurrences in this passage, what are they? The women told their fellow Jesus followers what they saw and heard at the tomb, why do you think they were not believed? Would you have found it difficult to believe the women? Which passages from the Old Testament do you think Jesus might have used to explain about how the Messiah had to suffer and die for the forgiveness of sins? In each of these translations the men describe their hearts as “burning” while Jesus taught them from the OT scriptures. Have you experienced this while reading and studying God’s word or perhaps in a time of prayer?

Thank God that we have his Word in a printed form that we can read, study, pray over and learn from as often as we want. Pray for those in the world who do not yet have a copy of the Bible in their own language – that God will reveal Himself to them, and provide them with Bibles.